Buffers Solutions and Sachets

Why Buy Buffers Solutions and Sachets Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent is a UK chemical supplier with almost 50 years’ experience of supplying Buffer Solutions and Sachets to a diverse range of industry sectors.  Amongst the industries we currently supply are the automotive industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, water treatment, power generation and the cosmetics industry.

Customers can buy Buffer Solutions online from ReAgent in the following strengths:-

  • Buffer solution pH2
  • Buffer solution pH3
  • Buffer solution pH4
  • Buffer solution pH4 Red
  • Buffer solution pH2
  • Buffer solution pH6
  • Buffer solution pH7
  • Buffer solution pH7 Yellow
  • Buffer solution pH8
  • Buffer solution pH9
  • Buffer solution pH9.2
  • Buffer solution pH10
  • Buffer solution pH10 Blue
  • Buffer solution pH11
  • Buffer solution pH12
  • Ammonia buffer solution

The above buffer solutions are available in a range of pack sizes with price breaks for multiple purchases.  Please contact us for further information.


Buffer Solutions in Sachets

Many customers prefer the convenience of buying buffer solutions in sachet form, whereby a customer simply buys the specific sachet and mixes it at the point of use.  Buffer sachets are an extremely cost-effective way of procuring buffer solutions as buffer sachets are light and easy to pack and ship.  ReAgent currently offers buffer sachets in the following strengths:-

  • Buffer sachets pH4 in boxes of 50 with price breaks for multiple purchases
  • Buffer sachets pH7 in boxes of 50 with price breaks for multiple purchases
  • Buffer sachets pH9.2 in boxes of 50 with price breaks for multiple purchases


How Are Buffer Solutions Made?

Buffer solutions are used in many industrial processes that require maintaining the acidity or alkalinity of solutions. For instance, a wine fermentation mixture has an ideal acidity range. This may fluctuate as the microorganisms grow and produce acidic by-products.

Buffer solutions maintain the range of acidity or alkalinity of solutions by either absorbing the extra hydrogen ions or giving up hydrogen ions. Many natural biochemical processes like enzyme actions require buffers to maintain optimal conditions. For instance, the pH balance in the blood is maintained by carbonic and bicarbonate ions. Without buffers, many biological processes will not properly function.


A Wide Range of Products

Buffer solutions and sachets make up a small but significant part of ReAgent’s range of products which also includes:-

  • Clinical reagents
  • Analytical and chemical reagents
  • Standard solutions
  • Acids
  • Bespoke blends and mixes
  • Toll manufacturing

Over almost 50 years’ experience in the UK chemical industry, ReAgent has built up an enviable reputation for quality products, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.  ReAgent is a Quality Assured company fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We are also a ‘green’ company, fully accredited to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, and a recognised Investor in People (IIP).  ReAgent also complies with the requirements of the automotive industry in preparing PPAP (Production Part Approved Process) documents for intended products.

All our products are covered by our 100% quality guarantee and many goods can be shipped overnight for next day delivery.  ReAgent looks forward to becoming your preferred supplier the next time you want to buy buffer solutions and sachets.