Chemical Indicators

Why Buy Chemical Indicators Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent supplies a wide range of Chemical Indicators all across the UK.  Amongst the Chemical Indicators we currently have available to buy are:

  • Bromocresol Green
  • Bromocresol Purple
  • Bromophenol Blue
  • Bromothymol Blue
  • Dimidium Bromide
  • Diphenylamine
  • Eriochrome Black
  • Ferroin Indicator
  • Iodine
  • Lead Indicator
  • Methyl Orange
  • Methyl Red
  • Methylene Blue

The above chemical indicator solutions are available in a range of pack sizes with price breaks for multiple purchases.  Please see the links on the above images for further details.

Chemical Indicator Safety Precautions

As when dealing with any chemical substance care should be taken when working with or handling chemical indicators.  Always read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before commencing work.  Wear suitable PPE (Personal Protective Clothing) including compatible safety gloves, approved eye protection, safety footwear and protective clothing.

Keep chemical indicators away from children and animals.  Ensure that containers are tightly closed and stored in a cool dry place.  Chemical indicators are intended to be used by competent persons.

What are chemical indicators?

Most chemical reactions are not completely balanced, which means that residues of reactants remain. In some instances, precise balance is necessary. Many manufacturing and industrial processes require thresholds to be detected. Chemical indicators are mixed with the reactants to indicate if a threshold of concentration is reached such as in the case of acid-base reactions.

Chemical indicators may change in colour, form precipitates, or change the turbidity of a solution when a specific threshold is reached. In terms of the chemical reactants involved, chemical indicators can be generally classified into three categories:

  • Acid-base indicators
  • Oxidation-reduction indicators
  • Specific-substance indicators

Depending on the type of reactions, chemical indicators have specific ranges. For instance, acid-base indicators are typically used in titration experiments in balancing the reactions between acidic and alkaline substances.

How do chemical indicators work?

In most cases, chemical indicators do not participate significantly in chemical reactions. They are usually used in very small amounts. They are usually in ionic forms that either precipitate or change in colours.

Some chemical indicators have a very sensitive and narrow range. For example, ferrous 1,10-phenanthroline is a sensitive oxidation-reaction indicator that turns pale blue from red if the oxidation potential is creased from 1.08 volts from 1.04 volts.

Diphenylcarbazone is another example of a sensitive indicator. It can detect an increase in mercuric ion concentration 0.000001 to 0.00001 mole per litre. When this threshold is reached, the indicator changes colour from yellow to violet.

Uses of chemical indicators

Knowing that certain thresholds of chemical reactions or certain amounts of chemicals are present is crucial in many industrial processes. Some of the common uses of chemical indicators are the following:

  • Determining the balanced level of chemical reactions
  • Detecting the presence of certain chemicals
  • Knowing the optimal level of electroplating
  • Indicating that certain parameters are met such as in sterilisation processes

Almost 50 years’ experience of Experience

ReAgent is a Quality Assured Company with full accreditation to a number of internationally-recognised standards including the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

Amongst the industry sectors that ReAgent supplies are the chemical industry, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water treatment, power generation and environmental services.  ReAgent also supplies the automotive industry, and in order to comply with their requirements ReAgent has to prepare PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documents for intended products.

ReAgent staff are highly qualified professionals with a wealth of hands-on knowledge and expertise.  Our Technical Sales team is available to answer any queries regarding your order and in many cases, our we will ship your order overnight for next day delivery.

All products are backed by our 100% quality guarantee.  You can be confident that when you place an order to buy chemical indicators from ReAgent, your order will be handled with competence, efficiency and care.