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Studying for a Chemistry Degree in the UK

Studying for a Chemistry Degree in the UK

Studying for a chemistry degree here in the UK is a great opportunity. Our university degrees are internationally recognised, and anyone with the right academic qualifications can pursue one. A degree in chemistry will open the door to a huge range of career opportunities and allow you to make valuable contributions to the development of humanity. Key takeaways Chemistry is a…

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What Is The Study Of Biochemistry?

The study of biochemistry is related to both the physical and biological sciences. Specifically, it’s focused on organic chemicals produced and processed by living organisms, such as enzymes and hormones. Unlike organic chemistry, which studies organic chemicals that aren’t biologically integrated with living organisms, biochemistry is mainly concerned with how biochemicals and organic chemicals work…

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What Can I Do With A Biochemistry Degree?

If you’re wondering what you can do with a biochemistry degree, you have many options from teaching and research to medicine. If you are already pursuing a biochemistry degree, you likely have a bright future ahead of you. You can either pursue a career in scientific research or use your degree as foundation for…

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The best chemistry graduate schemes in the UK

The Best Chemistry Graduate Schemes in the UK

Graduate schemes for those who have earned a chemistry degree are excellent ways to learn on the job. The best chemistry graduate schemes are generally entry-level jobs that include training on different aspects of company operations, so you get a well-rounded overview and experience of different aspects of work…

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Where to study chemistry in the UK

Where to Study Chemistry in the UK

Opting to study chemistry and following it as your career path can in itself be a challenging life decision, but it’s also a rewarding one. Those who have a chemistry-related degree can, for instance, work in fossil industries, medical fields, research, and education, amongst many more…

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What can you do with a chemistry degree

What Can You Do With A Chemistry Degree?

A good chemistry degree can provide you with a great future and a wide range of career choices, from academia to industry. Chemistry degree holders are among the most sought-after professionals in industry, simply because there are so few who choose chemistry as a career. In the UK…

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