Ethanoic Acid

This is our most popular Ethanoic Acid - Ethanoic Acid Glacial (General Use)

Ethanoic Acid Glacial (General Use)

Ethanoic Acid Glacial (General Use)


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About Ethanoic Acid

Ethanoic acid €“ also known as acetic acid €“ is a colourless solution with the formula C2H4O2. However, to reflect better its molecular structure, the formula is sometimes written as CH3-C(=O)OH or simply CH3COOH. It is the simplest of the carboxylic acids, and although it€™s generally classified as a weak acid, it can still be very corrosive in concentrated solutions.

Uses of Ethanoic Acid

This organic compound makes up roughly about 4-8% of vinegar (by volume), giving it its characteristic sour taste and pungent smell. At home, it€™s used not only in cooking but also as a cleaning and descaling agent. In this case, ethanoic acid is synthesised from a variety of alcoholic substances via bacterial fermentation.

In addition to its use in vinegar production, ethanoic acid has many important industrial uses, including as a precursor of cellulose acetate (for photographic film) and polyvinyl acetate (for synthetic fibres and fabrics). For these applications, cheaper synthetic ethanoic acid is used.

Anhydrous and highly concentrated solutions of ethanoic acid are commonly known as glacial solutions, deriving from the structures similar to ice crystals that start forming as the temperature drops below 16 degree Celsius (about 60 Fahrenheit).

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