Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out the delivery cost for my order?
If you want to find the exact delivery charge for an item or order, simply add the item or items you’re interested in to your basket and the delivery charge as well as any VAT will be calculated and itemised for you. No card details are taken at this point so you’re under no obligation to make a purchase.
How long does delivery take?
Firm delivery date within 24 hours. We always dispatch orders as soon as possible but please note that non-stock items can take around 5 days to reach you. Please contact us before ordering if you require an estimated delivery date or see our delivery information for more information.
Do you deliver on bank holidays?
Unfortunately not, our couriers only deliver on working days from Monday to Friday.
Can you ship to locations outside of mainland UK?
We cannot accept overseas orders on our website, however in some cases we are able to ship outside of mainland UK. Please contact us for further information.
Can I have a timed delivery slot?
We can offer an AM delivery service for some regions of the UK, please contact us for information before placing your order.
Why is delivery so expensive?
As many of the chemicals we supply are hazardous, we are legally obligated to use ADR licensed couriers who are specialists in carrying such goods. Because these couriers are specialists they do cost more than most regular delivery services but you can rest assured that your order will reach you safely and legally.
What is an ADR courier?
An ADR courier is specially trained and licensed to carry chemicals that are classed as hazardous for transport.
Can I collect my items from your warehouse?
Yes, but please contact us to prearrange this. Depending on the quantity of hazardous chemicals you want to collect, you may need to have applicable training or a current ADR licence to legally transport them away from our premises. We may not able to release goods without proof of this.
Can you deliver directly to my customers?
Yes, we’re happy to deliver directly to your customers. The goods will arrive with a delivery note which will not contain any invoice details. We can even include your logo and branding on the product labels. Contact us for more information.


Do I need to fill in a declaration form to buy chemicals from ReAgent?
In most cases this isn’t needed, however some of our chemicals are regulated by the Home Office or restricted for commercial use only. If you’d like to purchase one of these chemicals you may be asked to complete a declaration of use form before we can authorise the transaction.
Why are some of your products not available to buy online?
Products marked as POA are either sold infrequently or have fluctuating raw material costs. We ask that you contact us in this instance so we can deliver your product with the longest possible shelf life at our best price.
Do you sell to the general public?
No, we’re only able to sell to UK businesses at a registered business address. There are some restricted products in our catalogue for which we require a declaration to be filled in prior to purchase. For more information, please contact us.
Can I open a Credit account?
We can offer credit terms upon request. This will be dependent upon your company credit score and projected spend. Please contact us for further information.
Do your prices include VAT?
Our website displays prices including VAT by default, although you can remove VAT by using the button below the search bar on any product page. Once you reach the checkout process the product prices are listed excluding VAT, with the overall VAT shown separately.
Are there any accessories or safety equipment available for use with your products?
Yes, we sell a small range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, gloves and disposable overalls. These can be found in the Miscellaneous section and at the checkout.


Can I order products in custom packaging?
Yes, we can offer custom made products and packaging to your exact specification. Please contact us with your specific requirements.
Can you put my labels on product containers instead of ReAgent branded ones?
Yes, we also offer a professional label design service if needed. Please contact us with your requirements.
Can you blend a product with another substance for me?
Yes, we offer a full Toll Manufacturing service. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Can you supply products in sachets?
Yes, our form, fill and seal sachet filling machine can handle a range of substances in liquid, cream, gel and powder forms. Please contact us for more information.


What’s the difference between w/w, w/v and v/v?
w/w is a way to express the concentration of a solution as a percentage of mass (weight / weight), for example
(Mass of Solute (g) / Mass of Solution g)) x 100 = % w/ww/v is a way to express the concentration of a solution as a percentage of mass / volume, for example
(Mass of Solute (g) / Volume of Solution (ml)) x 100 = % w/vv/v is a way to express the concentration of a solution as a percentage of volume (volume / volume), for example
(Volume of Solute (ml) / Volume of Solution (ml)) x 100 = % v/v
What do the different grades of product like LRG, Tech and AR signify?
These grades indicate the purity of the product or the analysis which is offered with it.

  • Tech Grade = General Use product
  • LRG = Laboratory Reagent Grade product
  • AR = Analytical Reagent Grade
Can you supply Certificates of Analysis (CoA) with products?
LRG and AR grades come with a Certificate of Analysis as standard. Please contact us with your batch number to request a copy.
Can I see the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for a product?
Yes. Simply click the link to the MSDS right of the product page under the heading MSDS. We also include a copy with your order confirmation email.
How do I qualify for free technical support?
All customers and prospective customers can access our free technical support.
How can you offer a 100% quality guarantee?
All products manufactured at our Runcorn site are batch traceable, undergo tight QC controls and we always manufacture in accordance with ISO 9001.
I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the website – what should I do?
Please call us on 0800 990 3258 and we will either be able to help with the issue, or take your order over the phone.