Fields of Chemistry

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What Is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a way of utilising biological and biomolecular processes to develop products that improve our lives. With biotechnology, we’re able to combine our understanding of microorganisms and living systems with our understanding of technology to develop things like pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and hormones…

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What’s The Difference Between Organic & Inorganic Chemistry?

The main difference between organic and inorganic chemistry is the presence (or absence) of carbon in the compounds that are being studied, processed, or synthesised. The main concern of organic chemistry is compounds that have carbon or carbon chains in them, like hydrocarbons or proteins. Inorganic chemistry, on the other hand, is concerned with things…

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What Is The Study Of Biochemistry?

The study of biochemistry is related to both the physical and biological sciences. Specifically, it’s focused on organic chemicals produced and processed by living organisms, such as enzymes and hormones. Unlike organic chemistry, which studies organic chemicals that aren’t biologically integrated with living organisms, biochemistry is mainly concerned with how biochemicals and organic chemicals work…

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What Is Organic Chemistry?

What is organic chemistry and how is it related to other STEM subjects? What is the importance of learning organic chemistry if you want to pursue a career in chemistry, and what are the applications of organic chemistry? These are some of the questions that this article will seek to answer. What Is Organic Chemistry…

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What Is Analytical Chemistry?

Analytical chemistry is a specialised discipline that deals with obtaining, processing, and presenting both the qualitative and quantitative data of substances. Analytical chemists uncover a substance’s composition and structure at both atomic and molecular levels.  All students who major in chemistry must acquire skills in this subjects to be successful in their chosen careers…

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