Good Manufacturing Practice

At ReAgent, we base our production on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and adopt these principles throughout our processes. Good manufacturing practice ensures all the chemicals we manufacture are produced consistently and are controlled according to strict quality standards.

All company staff are trained in GMP awareness to highlight the consequences of contaminated, incorrect or wrongly labelled products. This practice is linked to our general housekeeping program which is enforced on a strict basis. 

Packaging Materials

Examples of good manufacturing practice

All working areas are cleared before any new process begins and also on completion of each batch of product. Operators are required to take responsibility for their own working areas and sign documentation to confirm its cleanliness.

Paperwork is completed using GMP. For batch manufacturing records, this has the following benefits:

  • Consistency
  • Control
  • Accuracy
  • Easy reconciling
  • Traceability

All labels include details of each batch as part of a strict releasing system to ensure correct labelling.

Label reconciliation is taken seriously at ReAgent to account for the number of labels printed, used and destroyed. A sample of each batch is retained on the work instruction for at least three years.

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