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About Iodine

With the chemical symbol I and the atomic number 53, iodine is a popular element in many different applications. Its name derives from the Greek word iódis, meaning violet-coloured, which is the appearence of iodine vapour.

This element is typically found in oceans and other water sources as the water-soluble iodine ion I-. Its high atomic number makes it a very rare element, but it has still developed an important biological role: it is essential for the production of growth-regulating thyroid hormones, and we consume this crucial element when we eat things like seafood or iodised table salt.

The problem is that due to leaching by rainwater of an already scarce element in the soil, many land animals and even inland human populations are at high risk of developing iodine deficiencies. This is seen by most physicians as the leading preventable cause of learning difficulties.

Uses of Iodine

Iodine is suited to a range of applications across many industries. It high atomic number, ease of binding to organic compounds and low toxicity make it ideal to use in many x-ray contrast materials.

The majority of the world's production of iodine is used in various organoiodine compounds and around 15% is used to form potassium iodide. This is an important application as potassium iodide can help treat iodine deficiency, as well as protect the thyroid gland from radiation in the case of an emergency nuclear accident.

One of the major uses of this element is as iodine tincture, which is comprised of 2-7% of elemental iodine. Tincture of iodine is used as an antiseptic to disinfect wounds and even sanitise surface water for drinking. When used to sanitise water, the usual iodine tincture that contains ethanol is not recommended. Instead, Lugol's alcohol-free solution is often used.

As the name suggests, iodine is also commonly used in the iodine test to test for starch, an indicator that is used in redox titrations where triiodide is present.

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