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Phenolphthalein 1%


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What is Phenolphthalein?

Phenolphthalein is one of the most widely used indicators. In its pure form, it appears as a white powder.

One of the most frequent uses of this product is for detecting the end-point in acid-base titrations. For this application, phenolphthalein is effective for many different acids, such as hydrochloric acid.

Phenolphthalein as an Indicator

To detect the strength of the hydrochloric acid, phenolphthalein indicator is first dissolved in a solvent like industrial methylated spirits (IMS) or denatured alcohol. It is then added to a vessel containing HCl.

Once the indicator has been added, the solution can be titrated using a base of a known concentration, like sodium hydroxide. When the solution turns pink, it shows the end-point of the titration and you can calculate the strength of the hydrochloric acid from the amount of sodium hydroxide required.

Phenolphthalein is used more often with stronger acids and bases. This is because it takes effect at a relatively high pH, usually between pH 8.3 and pH 10.

Other Uses

Phenolphthalin, a reduced and colourless form of phenolphthalein, is often used in the Kastle-Meyer test. This process is done to identify whether there is a presence of blood in a given substance.

A few drops of alcohol and phenolphthalin are added to a dry sample. Hydrogen peroxide is then dripped onto it as well. The sample will immediately turn pink if there is a presence of haemoglobin, showing that there is likely content of blood. This happens because of the hydrogen peroxide as well as the generation of phenolphthalein taking place.

Interestingly, phenolphthalein has been widely used as a laxative since its discovery. Please note, however, that all products manufactured and supplied by ReAgent are not suitable for human consumption unless clearly stated.

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