Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)

This is our most popular Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) - Sulphuric Acid 98% (General Use)

Sulphuric Acid 98% (General Use)

Sulphuric Acid 98% (General Use)


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Buy high quality sulphuric acid from ReAgent, one of the leading UK chemical suppliers for almost 50 years. Shop online, where a range of sulphuric acid products are for sale. From dilute and concentrated solutions, to several different grades, ReAgent has a variety of products and almost 50 years' experience that will help you to achieve your business needs.

What is Sulphuric Acid?

Also spelled as sulfuric acid, this substance is a highly corrosive mineral acid with the chemical formula H2SO4. It is a strong smelling, heavy and viscous liquid which is widely used in laboratories. As a strong acid, it is highly reactive and as such should be handled with caution, even if it is a dilute concentration.

What Are the Uses of Sulphuric Acid?

There are many uses for sulphuric acid, which makes it one of the most popular products here at ReAgent. Sulphuric acid uses range from general testing and analysis applications, to use in car batteries.

Sulphuric acid is commonly used in the industrial production of chemicals to create other chemical solutions, such as chromic acid when mixed with potassium dichromate. Sulphuric acid is used as an industrial cleaning agent in the iron and steel-making industry to remove oxidation, rust and scaling from metals.

It is also used as a catalyst converter in various chemical reactions. Concentrated sulphuric acid is frequently the main ingredient in domestic drain cleaners used to remove grease and hair from blocked drains.

Trusted Sulphuric Acid Suppliers in the UK

ReAgent is an esteemed chemical manufacturer that has been supplying high quality products for over 4 decades. ReAgent supplies sulphuric acid both in concentrated and standard form, and in reagent solutions. We also offer a huge range of pack sizes, from 2.5L to 1000L and in batches up to 5000L.

We supply a range of different grades of sulphuric acid including  technical grade, general laboratory reagent grade (which is our most popular) and analytical reagent grade. Order online today or, if you have a more specific requirement, call us on 0800 990 3258 to discuss your needs in further detail.