Tailor Made Formulas

Why Buy Tailor Made Formulas (also known as Tailor Made Formulations) Online from UK Chemical Suppliers, ReAgent Chemicals?

ReAgent specialises in providing tailor made formulas and specialist chemical blends and mixes to a wide range of companies.  With over four decades at the forefront of UK chemical suppliers, ReAgent is ideally placed to handle all your bespoke chemical enquiries.

Amongst the tailor made formulas we currently supply are bespoke blends to the following industry sectors:-

  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The petrochemical industry
  • The cosmetics industry
  • The food industry
  • The automotive industry
  • The chemical industry
  • The engineering industry
  • Water treatment companies
  • Power generation companies
  • Environmental services

The above list is not exhaustive and we would be pleased to quote for providing tailor made formulas and blends to your specific requirements.

The ReAgent name is synonymous with quality, affordability and exceedingly good customer service.  Many of our customers have been dealing with us for over 30 years during which time we have established ourselves as efficient, reliable and flexible chemical suppliers.

Tailor Made Formulas Supplied By ReAgent

Amongst some of the tailor made formulas we currently supply are:-

  • ABB Analyser Solutions
  • Ammonium Thiocyanate
  • Applikon Analyser Solutions
  • ASTM Reagents
  • Colour Standards
  • Electrode Boiler Reagent
  • Electrolytes
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Kent EIL Analyser Solutions
  • Marbles Reagent
  • Silkostat Analyser Solutions
  • Silver Nitrate (AgNO3)

We also supply many ‘one-off’ bespoke blends and mixes to individual customers requirements and are able to provide a toll manufacturing facility whereby we supply finished goods direct to the end user, using customer-supplied labels where required.

What Are Tailor Made Formulas?

Tailor-made formulas could be any chemical or mixture with a specific concentration that is synthesised for a specific purpose based on your needs. The chemical can either be a proprietary formula with patent or a brand or it could be generic with some unique characteristics. It could be something that is used as an ingredient, a precursor, a reagent, or the final product itself.

Companies and laboratories may manufacture tailor-made formulas for their own use or for the use of others who order them. These formulas include inorganic and organic chemicals. They may include molecular structures designed for various purposes. Some of these formulas are secret formulas that only a few companies and government institutions are authorised to manufacture and use – at ReAgent, we take confidentiality seriously and are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

Uses of Tailor Made Formulations

Various industries need specific chemicals that are tailor-made for whatever products they are manufacturing. Many companies do not have the facilities and expertise to manufacture such chemicals. They usually purchase them from industrial suppliers or from manufacturers. Some need to be imported.

Exact chemical compositions, concentration, and precise mixtures are needed to manufacture tailor-made chemicals. Otherwise, they will be useless or less effective for specific purposes. Various industries use tailor-made chemical formulas. For instance, a solar power plant may need specific electrolyte formulation for their solar batteries.

In most cases, chemical formulas are made-to-order chemicals for industrial and commercial purposes. Some categories and uses of such formulas may include the following:

  • Standard solutions for laboratory testing
  • Chemical reagents for biomedical purposes
  • Electrolytes for batteries or other industrial uses
  • Chemical precursors for synthesising other chemicals
  • Main ingredients for manufacturing specific proprietary chemical products
  • Pharmaceutical products 
  • Food supplements or specific nutritional formulations
  • Special dyes for producing textile products
  • Various types of solvents like alcohol, acetones, esters, etc.

Chemical indicators for various processes such as sterilisation

Why Buy From ReAgent?

Many of our customers are large multi-national corporations who now rely on ReAgent for their tailor made formulas.  They know that they can buy tailor made formulas with confidence when they buy them from ReAgent.

ReAgent is accredited to many internationally recognised quality and environmental standards such as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, Investors in People (IIP) and ReAgent is also experienced in providing documentation to PPAP standards for the automotive industry.

ReAgent looks forward to receiving your next enquiry for tailor made formulations and blends and working with your organisation to ensure that you receive exactly what is required.  We are confident that ReAgent could become your company’s preferred supplier of bespoke chemicals.